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Desktop Publishing Career Path

Desktop publishing is a wide career path that weaves together the elements of traditional print layout with digital media and website design. Areas of study include typesetting; font iconography; graphic and user interface design; image, sound, and video editing; HTML and CSS; and visual layout for a variety of output types, including books, brochures, business cards, newsletters, signs, web pages, and a growing list of electronic publications. Some common job listings include font designer, newsletter designer, graphic designer, web designer, multimedia artist, and multimedia animator. Prepare with Kaplan IT Training for your career in publishing. Learn more about the training and certification we provide by reviewing the exams below.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Bundles
Graphic Design Exams
  • DW-ACE
    Adobe Dreamweaver Certification
  • ID-ACE
    Adobe InDesign Certified Expert
  • IL-ACA
    Adobe Illustrator Certified Associate
  • IL-ACE
    Adobe Illustrator Certified Expert
  • PS-ACA
    Visual Design Using Adobe Photoshop
  • PS-ACE
    Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert