NetCiscoRoute02 Basic Switching with Cisco

Increase your knowledge and stay current with our Basic Switching and Routing with Cisco course. This course reviews media access control (MAC), virtual local area networks (VLANs), Cisco Command Line Interface (CLI), and configuration tasks.


  • Familiarity with Cisco switches and how they handle Ethernet traffic
  • Familiarity with the modes and common configuration commands in the Cisco CLI
  • Performance and scenario-based assessments to prepare you for industry use
  • Experience using network command-line tools to troubleshoot configuration issues

NetCiscoRout02: Basic Switching with Cisco

Kaplan IT Training has developed educational information technology videos designed around relevant, real-world IT topics. This course features expert-level training and real-world scenarios to apply learning directly to the job. Interactive content keeps you engaged, while performing scenario-based assessments online.

This product purchase grants you 12-month access to the course material, which features the following objectives:
  • Describe the operation of switching technologies
  • Implement and troubleshoot switching services
  • Use the Cisco CLI
  • Perform common configuration tasks