NetCiscoRoute01 Introduction to Cisco Devices

Expand your Cisco knowledge with Kaplan IT Training's NetCiscoRoute01: Introduction to Cisco Devices course. Candidates for this course typically work as a Cisco Network Technician and aim to stay current in this rapidly changing industry.

We recommend candidates for this exam have:

  • Basic understanding of general network principles and the OSI model
  • Familiarity with TCP/IP addressing and other Internet protocols
  • Familiarity with various cabling and wiring types common in Ethernet networks
  • Some experience with operating systems, specifically the command line, and internal
    components of PC hardware

NetCiscoRout01: Introduction to Cisco Devices

Kaplan IT Training has developed educational information technology videos designed around relevant, real-world IT topics. This course features expert-level training and real-world scenarios to apply learning directly to the job. Interactive content keeps you engaged, while performing scenario-based assessments online.

This product purchase grants you 12-month access to the course material, which features the following objectives:
  • Identify the components required to create a small LAN, including devices, protocols, and media
  • Track and troubleshoot the flow of data in a TCP/IP network
  • Describe the components and functions of the Cisco Internetwork Operating System (Cisco IOS)
  • Use the Command Line Interface (CLI) for standard configuration operations