DevAgile01 Modern Software Development with Agile

The continuing education video Modern Software Development with Agile includes two lessons and is approximately two hours in length. Kaplan IT Training has produced relevant, educational-based IT videos for professionals and organizations, including the latest in IT topics, trends, and technology.

DevAgile01: Modern Software Development with Agile

Kaplan IT Training has developed educational information technology videos designed around relevant, real-world IT topics. After completing this video set apply for educational or professional credits to maintain your PMI, (ISC)², and CompTIA certifications.

This video includes the following objectives:

  • Understand the background and essentials of Continuous Delivery (CD)
  • Recognize the benefits and challenges of implementing and sustaining CD
  • Identify best practices for success with CD
  • Define DevOps and discuss its origins
  • Recognize the benefits of DevOps, as well as the challenges it presents to development teams
  • Identify best practices to keep in mind as you ramp up your DevOps effort
  • Understand the concept of Agile Application Lifecycle Management
  • Discuss why it is a key success factor for today’s complex development projects
  • Identify the benefits of Agile ALM and DevOps
  • Understand how to be successful with Agile ALM in a non-Agile world
  • Understand what Configuration Management is all about and why it matters
  • Recognize the challenges development teams can face with CM
  • Identify the best practices to keep in mind in order to fine tune your Configuration Management processes and environment