DataAna01 Big Data and Analytics in the Enterprise

Big Data and Analytics in the Enterprise includes two video lessons and is approximately one hour in length. Kaplan IT Training has produced relevant, educational-based IT videos for professionals and organizations, including the latest in IT topics, trends, and technology.

DataAna01: Big Data and Analytics in the Enterprise eLearning

Kaplan IT Training has developed educational information technology videos designed around relevant, real-world IT topics. After completing this video set, apply for educational or professional credits to maintain your PMI, (ISC)², and CompTIA certifications.

This video includes the following objectives:
  • Explain the concept of "Big Data" why it can be such a valuable asset for organizations today
  • Understand why security is increasingly becoming a Big Data issue and how Big Data analytics help enterprises look for and deal with previously unknown threats
  • Recognize the challenges IT professionals face when it comes to managing and analyzing Big Data
  • Understand the current trends in Big Data and how it can be used to benefit the organization and customer alike
  • Recognize the challenges confronting organizations in dealing with Big Data
  • Identify leading data analysis tools and solutions
  • Discuss the factors that are likely to impact Big Data in the future
  • Understand the benefits that Advanced Data Intelligence and Analytics can bring to organizations today
  • Discuss the business insights that can be gained from mining enterprise data with these cutting-edge tools and technologies
  • Recognize the challenges IT and business leaders will face when implementing these advanced data intelligence capabilities