Frequently Asked Questions about Cisco Certification

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Posted by: Troy McMillan
Published: July 17, 2018


Are you considering Cisco certification, and looking for answers to the questions you have before you take the leap? We assembled this all-inclusive list of the questions and answers we most frequently field on Cisco certification.


What is Cisco Certification?

Cisco certifications are used to validate the knowledge and skills possessed by an individual with respect to routing and switching with a concentration on Cisco products.


What fields/occupations require Cisco certification?

Network technicians and the people who manage them typically derive the most benefit from these certifications.


Do I need a college degree to earn a Cisco certification?

While a college degree is helpful for anyone looking for a job, it is not required to attain a Cisco certification.


Which is better: a degree or a Cisco certification?

It’s best to have both, but if deciding between one or the other, we would recommend Cisco certification. This credential demonstrates skills that are in high demand.


What are my other educational or training options?

Cisco certifications have no educational requirement. The exams can be taken by anyone. Training options include the Cisco Network Academy and private training partners of Cisco.


How much actual experience do I need to earn Cisco certification?

Cisco recommends 3 to 5 years of network experience, but many candidates successfully  pursue these certifications without this.


How long does the Cisco certification test take to complete?

You are allowed 90 minutes to complete 60 to 70 items.


How long does a Cisco certification last?

Three years. After three years, you must recertify.


What are the Cisco certification levels?

There are three. The CCNA is the beginning track, followed by the CCNP and finally the CCIE, which indicates expert knowledge.


Where are the test given?

Testing is done at Pearson Vue testing centers—facilities that administer many types of exams.


How much does it cost to sit for a Cisco certification exam?

The exam costs 125.00 USD.


What are some organizations that I can join or network with to help get me into the field?

The CCENT/CCNA R&S Study Group is a great resource for meeting other candidates.


What is the job outlook for Cisco in the future?

Cisco technicians are in great demand. The salary range is $29,680–$74,961 per


Are there any additional resource materials that I can use to help prepare for certification?

Practice tests are essential. Kaplan IT Training provides these for candidates.


Where can I go to find out more?

You can find more information on Cisco certification at the
CCNA Routing and Switching site.



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