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Access additional products and benefits for your 30-Day Assessment by purchasing an upgrade to Kaplan IT Training's 180-Day Exam Preparation. The Exam Preparation package includes:

  • Kaplan IT Training Pass Guarantee
  • Additional practice questions
  • Key concepts flashcards
  • Downloadable and printable quizzes
  • Customizable Study Calendar
  • InstructorLink™ to contact our IT experts
  • Performance Tracker to see how you measure up

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Cloud Microsoft 365 Bundles

Microsoft 365 Bundles
CompTIA PenTest+ Bundles

 HTML and CSS Bundles

VMware Horizon 7 Bundles
VMware VCP 7 Bundles
MySQL Bundles
Microsoft Technology Associate Bundles
Microsoft Azure Bundles
CertNexus CFR Bundles
PMI CAPM Bundles
CertNexus CSC Bundles
Project Management Agile Bundles
VMware VCP 6 Bundles
PMI PMP Bundles
PMI-ACP Bundles
Java Bundles
Microsoft Visual Studio Bundles
Microsoft Office 365 Bundles
Microsoft SQL Server Bundles
Microsoft Windows Server Bundles
Microsoft Windows Client Bundles

Microsoft Office Desktop Bundles

LPI LPIC-2 Bundles

Juniper Networks Certified Associate Bundles

(ISC)² SSCP Bundles
(ISC)²  CSSLP Bundles
(ISC)² CISSP Bundles
(ISC)²  CCSP Bundles
EC-Council CND Bundles
EC-Council CEH Bundles
CompTIA Server+ Bundles
CompTIA Project+ Bundles
CompTIA Mobility+ Bundles
CompTIA Linux+ Bundles
CompTIA CySA+ Bundles
CompTIA CASP+ Bundles
CompTIA Security+ Bundles
CompTIA Network+ Bundles
CompTIA IT Fundamentals Bundles
CompTIA A+ Bundles
Cisco CCNP Bundles
Cisco CCNA Bundles
Cisco CCENT Bundles
Axelos PRINCE2 Bundles
Axelos ITIL Bundles
Web Design Bundles
Project Management Service Management Bundles
Project Management Standard Bundles
Java Bundles
Development Visual Studio .NET Bundles

Oracle Database Bundles

Database SQL Server Bundles
Penetration Testing Bundles
System Auditing Bundles
Security Manager Bundles
Security Practitioner Bundles
Cloud Amazon Bundles
Cloud Azure Bundles
Cloud Fundamentals Bundles
vSphere Bundles
Graphic Design Bundles
Office Productivity Bundles

Network Windows Bundles

Network Linux Bundles
Network Infrastructure Bundles
 Network Fundamentals Bundles
Microsoft Exchange Server Bundles
AWS Professional Bundles
AWS Associate Bundles
Adobe ACA Bundles
Adobe ACE Bundles
Microsoft Azure Bundles
Cloud Microsoft 365 Exams
Microsoft 365 Exams
CompTIA PenTest+ Exams
  HTML and CSS Exams
VMware Horizon 7 Exams
VMware VCP 7 Exams
MySQL Exams
Microsoft Technology Associate Exams
Microsoft Azure Exams
Discounted Exam Vouchers
Discounted Exam Vouchers
Discounted Exam Vouchers
Discounted Exam Vouchers
Discounted Exam Vouchers
Discounted Exam Vouchers
Exam Vouchers
CertNexus CFR Exams
Upgrade Package Vendors
CertNexus CSC Exams
Project Management Agile Exams
Vendor Demos
VMware VCP 6 Exams
Java Exams
Microsoft Visual Studio Exams
Microsoft Office 365 Exams
Microsoft SQL Server Exams
Microsoft Windows Server Exams
Microsoft Windows Client Exams
Microsoft Office Desktop Exams
LPI LPIC-2 Exams
Juniper Networks Certified Associate Exams
(ISC)² SSCP Exams
(ISC)²  CSSLP Exams
(ISC)²  CISSP Exams
(ISC)² CCSP Exams
EC-Council CND Exams
EC-Council CEH Exams
CompTIA Server+ Exams
CompTIA Project+ Exams
CompTIA Mobility+ Exams
CompTIA Linux+ Exams
CompTIA CySA+ Exams
CompTIA CASP+ Exams
CompTIA Security+ Exams
CompTIA Network+ Exams
CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exams
CompTIA A+ Exams
Cisco CCNP Exams
Cisco CCNA Exams
Cisco CCENT Exams
Axelos PRINCE2 Exams
Axelos ITIL Exams
Web Design Exams
Project Management Service Management Exams
Project Management Standard Exams
Java Exams
Development Visual Studio .NET Exams
Oracle Database Exams
Database SQL Server Exams
Penetration Testing Exams
System Auditing Exams
Security Manager Exams
Security Practitioner Exams
Cloud Amazon Exams
Cloud Azure Exams
Cloud Fundamentals Exams
vSphere Exams
Graphic Design Exams
Office Productivity Exams

Network Windows Exams

Network Linux Exams
Network Infrastructure Exams

Network Fundamentals Exams

Microsoft Exchange Server Exams
AWS Professional Exams
AWS Associate Exams
Adobe ACA Exams
Adobe ACE Exams
Microsoft Azure Exams