1Z0-062Oracle Database 12c: Administration (OCA)

Candidates for Oracle Database 12c: Administration (OCA) are database administrators, database designers, support engineers, technical administrators, and data warehouse administrators with working knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL packages, and basic knowledge of Linux operating system. 

This exam measures the following skills*:

  • Exploring the Oracle database architecture
  • Oracle database management tools
  • Oracle database instance
  • Configuring the Oracle network environment
  • Administering user security
  • Managing database storage structures
  • Creating and managing tablespaces
  • Managing undo data
  • Managing data concurrency
  • Implementing Oracle database auditing
  • Backup and recovery concepts
  • Backup and recovery configuration
  • Performing database backups
  • Performing database recovery
  • Moving data
  • Performing database maintenance
  • Managing performance: SQL tuning
  • Automating tasks by using Oracle Scheduler
  • Creating an Oracle database using DBCA
  • Upgrading Oracle database software
  • Introduction to DBAAS

For more information about the 1Z0-062 exam, visit the Oracle site.

*These exam objectives can change at any time.

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