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98-375Microsoft HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals

Candidates for the Microsoft HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals certification exam have solid foundational knowledge of CSS and JavaScript, as well as hands-on experience with related technologies. Candidates are seeking to prove core HTML5 client application development skills that will run on today's touch-enabled devices: PCs, tablets, and phones. This exam focuses on using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to develop client applications.

This exam measures the following skills*:

  • Manage the application life cycle
  • Build the user interface (UI) by using HTML5
  • Format the user interface by using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Code by using JavaScript

For more information about the 98-375 exam, visit the Microsoft page.

*These exam objectives can change at any time.

98-375 Microsoft HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals Practice Lab

The Microsoft HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals Practice Lab is a live, hands-on lab platform you can access directly from your web browser. Designed to develop and enhance your IT practical skills, Practice Labs provide you with the hardware you need for high-quality, real-life exercises and scenarios, without having to purchase your own equipment and risk your internal systems. Perform with realistic Practice Labs.

Your single user license will give you full online access:

  • Real labs carried out on real hardware, accessed from your web browser
  • Absolutely no simulations
  • Carry out your own configurations, or follow the accompanying lab guides
  • The latest technology available 24/7
  • No extra hardware or licensing costs
  • An affordable, effective way to gain hands-on, real-world experience